Privacy and Condition

About the content:

This site does not accept any non-approved submissions, which means that if you need to post anything on this site you will need our prior approval and we reserve the right to review your content and remove it at any time.

The pictures on this site are from our shooting and sharing by fans. We have all copyrights for the pictures we take ourselves. If you need to use our image content, you will need to keep the logo of our website and indicate the source. We do not accept any copyright liability for images shared by fans, but we may remove infringing content immediately upon receipt of notice from the copyright owner. We respect copyright laws.

All text on this site comes from our active creation, so we reserve all copyright in the text content. If you need to reprint our content, please be sure to obtain our approval in advance. Otherwise your reprint will be considered an infringement.

About user registration information:

At present, we do not open the user registration function. If we open the user registration function in the future, we will update the privacy policy here to protect the privacy of our users.

About the use of the website:

Our website does not require viewers to submit any content that infringes on their privacy. All content on this website is free to read and does not require the viewer to do further pre-reading operations. Please feel free to browse our text, images and videos.